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Carpet, with its classic look and feel, is
by far the most popular type of flooring.
Carpet can be the foundation of your
interior decorating. It can enhance a  
room with casual comfort, or create a
showcase for formal elegance.  Its
many colors, patterns and textures can
help create any atmosphere you desire.
Carpet's ability to absorb sound and
offer quiet footsteps make it appropriate
for many home settings. Carpet's safe,
non-slip surface also insulates to
provide warmth in cold seasons.
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From sophisticated patterns to
colorful solids, carpet styles come
in a variety of shades, tones and
hues. Lighter colors make a room
seem larger, darker colors
provide coziness.  New stain and
soil resistant technology
make today's lighter color carpet
much easier to clean.  Medium
and dark colors, tweeds and
textures all help to disguise
common soil in your home's high
traffic areas.  Best of all, carpet is
the most affordable flooring you
can choose to have installed!
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