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Hardwood flooring and its timeless look
can add richness and warmth to any
room.  Rich, inviting hardwood floors are
not only beautiful to live with, they add
value to your home at resale time.  

Over the years, hardwood floors have
changed dramatically.  Through
advancements in finish technologies and
superior construction techniques,
manufacturers of hardwood floors are
able to produce tougher finishes and
more durable products.
Hardwood floors now come in
three basic constructions.  3/4
inch solid wood, engineered
wood and longstrip wood planks.
Although the end results may look
the same, there are distinct
advantages for using each type in
different circumstances.

Engineered hardwood floors can
go in almost any room in the
home and be placed over a wide
variety of subfloors, including
concrete slabs.

Whether you're looking for
durable, attractive, yet affordable
floors or high-end hardwood
floors for your home, we have a
large selection to choose from.
From North American hardwood to richly
grained exotic wood, all our hardwood
floors come from the finest wood flooring
manufacturers and have the finest finishes
that will add beauty and charm to any room
for many years.
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